Improve your lifestyle and reveal your health risks

Get personalized recommendations for your health thanks to a unique combination of DNA analysis with lifestyle data.

Genetic test Macromo DNA Premium

Comprehensive recommendations for your health + risk analysis of common diseases

  • The gateway to the world of personal genomics
  • Digitize the most important parts of your genome
  • An effective and affordable solution
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Why Macromo?


    Connecting health data

    We are the only one on the market to connect lifestyle analysis data with genetic results and your family health history. In the future, in our app, you will be able to link your DNA test results with Apple Health and blood tests to get complete recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
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    The gateway to your optimal health

    Macromo is a preventive care mobile application that works with data from genetic DNA tests, lifestyle information and your medical history. As a result, it provides personalized and actionable recommendations to improve your health.
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    Emphasis on data security and privacy

    All analysis of your DNA takes place with the utmost emphasis on privacy and data security. We strictly comply with the GDPR and when you delete your account in the application, we automatically and irretrievably delete all data from our secure storage.
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100+ Happy Customers

My DNA test revealed a higher risk of skin cancer. Thanks to Macro, I now make sure to always use sunscreen and thus significantly minimize this risk.

Pavlína Louženská

The DNA test helped me focus on what is good for me and my health and what to avoid. I see my body as one big whole, and thanks to Macro, I can now take care of it comprehensively.


Thanks to DNA analysis, it was confirmed that I have an increased risk of diabetes. In the Macromo mobile application, I subsequently found out what I can do to reduce the risk to a minimum.