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Macromo DNA Family - Genetic Test

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The Macromo DNA Family test analyzes all functional areas of your genome and effectively identifies genetic risks for parents. Thanks to this, you will find out if you or your partner are carriers of any of the more than a hundred diseases that can manifest in your children.

  • Suitable for couples planning a family
  • Identify the genetic risks of the vast majority of known diseases that can be transmitted to your offspring
  • Get transmission analysis for 115+ recessive diseases
  • For reliable risk prediction, it is advisable to test both future parents
  • Take a saliva sample from the comfort of your home
      Macromo DNA Family - Genetic Test
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      115+ recessive disease results
      Good for couples

      What will you find out from the Macromo DNA Family test?

      Comprehensive Genetic Risks for Parents - 115+ results

      Find out if you are a carrier of any of the recessive diseases such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease. These are diseases that most likely will not affect you, but may affect your children.

      Our test provides carrier status information for more than 115 rare genetic diseases. This information can help you make informed decisions about your reproductive health and family planning.

      You can find a detailed overview of the DNA test results in our Macromo application on the App Store and Google Play Store , where you will find out exactly what the results look like and the recommendations you will receive.

      Why choose Macromo DNA Family?

      • Quality

        We guarantee the highest quality of the resulting data and recommendations thanks to technology that reads essential parts of your genome more than 50 times.

      • Convenience

        You can test your genetic risks in the comfort and privacy of your home. This can be particularly attractive if you are hesitant to undergo genetic testing in a clinical setting.

      • Science

        We update your results according to the latest scientific studies and discoveries and provide them in a clear mobile application .

      How does home testing work?

      • 1. You purchase a saliva collection kit

        You can find subscription sets in our e-shop, or you can buy them from our distributors.

      • 2. You will collect saliva in the comfort of your home

        After unpacking, you fill the tube with a small sample of your saliva. The kit is in no way linked to your identity and your data is anonymised.

      • 3. Send the samples to the laboratory

        Place the sample tube in the enclosed prepaid envelope and send it back to Macromo. Just take it to the nearest Post Office.

      • 4. Analysis and results

        You will receive the results within 40 days in the Macromo mobile application. Only you will see them. Macromo will not pass them on to any third party under any circumstances.

      Read expert opinions on Macromo

      Preventive health care increases the likelihood that we will prevent diseases that would cost us our lives in time.

      Ing. Lenka Piherová, Ph.D.

      I have always liked to watch my health. Macromo gathers everything in one app and provides accurate recommendations.

      Ing. Antonín Králík, Dr. rer. nat.

      The trend of personalization is on the rise in modern healthcare. Macromo supports exactly such an approach thanks to its mobile application.

      M.Sc. Václav Janoušek, Ph.D.