Macromo DNA Platinum - Whole Genome Sequencing

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The most advanced DNA analysis on the market that digitizes 100% of your genetic information. Based on your genetic information, you will receive specific recommendations for optimizing your health and lifestyle.

  • It includes a complete analysis of your genome, including a carrier analysis
  • You will get 334+ results describing the risks of controllable diseases, drug response, sports prerequisites, nutrition and much more
  • The results include an analysis of carrier status for 115+ recessive diseases
  • The next generation sequencing method (NGS) reads your entire genome 30x (WGS)
  • Take a saliva sample from the comfort of your home

Data from a DNA Platinum test is a valuable investment for a lifetime. We constantly update them according to the latest scientific discoveries and send them to you in the Macromo mobile application. Therefore, in the future you will not only receive more results, but also more accurate recommendations.

Macromo DNA Platinum - Whole Genome Sequencing
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334+ reports for your optimal lifestyle
Lifetime update of reports according to the latest research
Solid health is the best investment in my future and I want to use all available methods and technologies to take the best care of my health. I'm especially interested in being able to get updated results as the science of genetics evolves, so I can always base my healthy lifestyle on the latest information.

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What can you learn from a genome-wide analysis of your DNA?

  • Comprehensive risk analysis of common diseases - 8 results

    Common diseases are responsible for the majority of health problems worldwide, but with the right approach, 60 to 90% of them are preventable . Macromo helps you uncover your lifestyle and genetic risk factors for these diseases so you can take actionable steps to prevent them and extend your active life.

  • Risks of controllable diseases - 35 results

    Affectable diseases are those that can be prevented by prevention or intervention by a doctor. Early detection of the risk of developing the disease will allow you to act before symptoms or complications appear.

  • Cancer Risks - 13 results

    By knowing your genetic predispositions for different types of cancer, you will know if you need to go for more frequent preventive check-ups. At the same time, you can prevent many types of cancer by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

  • Comprehensive Genetic Risks for Parents - 115+ results

    Analysis of your carrier status for most known recessively inherited diseases will reveal if you are a carrier of genes for diseases that do not affect you but may affect your children.

  • Nutrition and diet - 21 results

    Find out how efficiently your body absorbs different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You will thus be able to optimize your diet and improve your current eating habits.

  • Sleep and wellness - 4 results

    Genetic predispositions also affect your sleep. You will find out how to set up optimal sleep hygiene so that you wake up rested and full of energy.

  • Medicines - 123 results

    The way your body metabolizes different medications can affect how effective they are. Knowing your genetic predispositions to drug response will allow you to make informed decisions in collaboration with your doctor.

  • Fitness and sport - 10 results

    Your body's response to different types of stress depends on your genes. According to your genetic predispositions, you will be able to better adjust your training, you will choose the sports activity that is most suitable for your body, and you can effectively prevent sports injuries.

  • Physical features - 4 results

    Genes are the cornerstone of determining your physical traits, such as your height or predisposition to male pattern baldness. However, the extent to which it manifests itself also depends on environmental factors.

  • Your genetic background - Coming soon

    You will get a clear idea of ​​the origin of your ancestors. Find out what percentage you are related to different population groups across the world.

Why choose Macromo DNA Platinum?

Macromo DNA Platinum is based on Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) technology. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology reads more than 30x your entire genetic code. We work with 10,000x more data than other genetic tests (including Macromo DNA Premium). Thanks to this, we guarantee the highest quality of the resulting data and recommendations.

A significant added value of Macromo DNA Platinum is a complete genetic risk analysis for parents. We analyze whether couples planning to start a family are carriers of rare diseases that could affect their children. Based on these findings, you can minimize possible health risks in cooperation with your doctor.

All information from whole-genome sequencing will serve you for a lifetime. The information contained in your genome does not change throughout your life, so you only need to digitize your DNA once. During your lifetime, the results are updated with the latest scientific knowledge.

We are the only one on the market connecting lifestyle analysis data with genetic results and your family medical history. In the future, in our app, you will be able to link your DNA test results with Apple Health and blood tests to get complete recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. We provide you with the results in a user friendly mobile application.

How does home testing work?

  • 1. You purchase a saliva collection kit

    You can find subscription sets in our e-shop, or you can buy them from our distributors.

  • 2. You will collect saliva in the comfort of your home

    After unpacking, you fill the tube with a small sample of your saliva. The kit is in no way linked to your identity and your data is anonymized.

  • 3. Send the samples to the laboratory

    Place the sample tube in the enclosed prepaid envelope and send it back to Macromo. Just take it to the nearest Post Office.

  • 4. Analysis and results

    You will receive the results within 40 days in the Macromo mobile application. Only you will see them. Macromo will not pass them on to any third party under any circumstances.

Read expert opinions on Macromo

Preventive health care increases the likelihood that we will prevent diseases that would cost us our lives in time.

Ing. Lenka Piherová, Ph.D.

I have always liked to watch my health. Macromo gathers everything in one app and provides accurate recommendations.

Ing. Antonín Králík, Dr. rer. Nat.

The trend of personalization is on the rise in modern healthcare. Macromo supports exactly such an approach thanks to its mobile application.

M.Sc. Václav Janoušek, Ph.D.